CompAir is powerful software for evaluating new aircraft or for re-evaluating your current aircraft. CompAir includes the most popular business aircraft, and delivers real world operating costs and aircraft performance data plus many additional features.

ARGUS offers CompAir in collaboration with Business & Commercial Aviation, industry respected sources for reliable aviation information. The CompAir program is now hosted online, making this powerful software available anywhere you have internet access.

CompAir is an Essential
Tool for:

  • Aircraft Brokers
  • Charter Sales Staff
  • Corporate Flight Departments
  • Aircraft Management Companies
  • Anyone Purchasing a Business Aircraft

With CompAir, your work is done.

In the past, you may have spent hours researching multiple data sources and searching magazine archives to evaluate an aircraft. Whether you are considering a new aircraft or re-evaluating an existing one, there is a better way. Using CompAir’s powerful software and intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily compare over 150 of the most popular business and charter aircraft. The online CompAir database facilitates side-by-side comparisons of multiple aircraft and lists 168 metrics for each aircraft, including real-world aircraft operating costs, performance data, aircraft images, and more.

“CompAir is a great tool for my aircraft brokerage business - reliable operating cost information, great aircraft history features and pictures combine to build first class customer presentations…a must for any aircraft sales organization."

Brendon Docherty
President, N1 Aviation, Inc.

CompAir Features

Available on the Web

  • Access 24/7 anytime or anywhere
  • All of your reports are accessible from a central location

Integrated Project Manager

  • Quickly and efficiently organize aircraft into user specific folders
  • Customize aircraft presentation items using imbedded "Templates"
  • Add your own images to an aircraft presentation

Report Writer

  • Easily add/remove and order items into a printed report
  • Include custom images in your report
  • Customize the headers and footers or include a predesigned cover sheet
  • Create Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Export report items into almost any Windows based program

CompAir features high quality full color images and diagrams...

  • Cockpit images
  • Cabin seating diagrams
  • Cross sectional diagrams
  • Three view diagrams
  • Multiple exterior images
  • Multiple interior images
  • Images appear crisp, even on the largest of screens

Distance Module

The distance module allows you to graphically display and compare various aircraft range capabilities for a variety of aircraft on a single page. The range depictions can be tailored to center range rings on airports from around the globe. 

Market Summary Reports

Putting real time used aircraft market information at your fingertips. Each report includes a market summary report on the selected aircraft model which contains information on average selling price, high/low-selling prices, average days a model has been on the market and other useful used market information.

Standard Features

  • Data on more than 170 of the most popular corporate turbine and turboprop aircraft.
  • Loaded with more than 200 articles from the Business & Commercial Aviation library.
  • Tracks more than 150 field values per aircraft.

NOTE: Not available for every aircraft

CompAir Subscriptions

Single User 950.00 Buy
Ten User Pack 3100.00 Buy
Three User Pack 1350.00 Buy

Single User Monthly Payment Option   95.00   Buy
*Based on a 12 month subscription
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